• April 2015 – Initial Public Information Meeting 
  • June 2015 – 2nd Public Meeting – Ideas Fair
  • Summer 2015 – Environmental Investigation
  • Fall 2015 – 3rd Public Meeting – Development Options
  • Fall 2015 – Commence Phase Demolition
  • Winter 2016 – 4th Public Meeting – Draft Plan
  • Spring 2016 – Submission to HRM for municipal approvals
  • TBD (dependent on municipal approval timing) – Commencement of construction
  • TBD (dependent on municipal approval timing) – Land sales


Canada Lands is a self-financing company and all its activities must achieve financial returns. However, profit is not the sole objective; it also optimizes the community value of its assets.


Once Canada Lands becomes owner of a property it undertakes a comprehensive and open consultation process with the local community which informs Canada Lands’ master development plan for the property.

  • Canada Lands does not come in with pre- defined plans. The company always begins consultations with communities with a blank slate.
  • Canada Lands works towards finding common ground, to meld community aspirations and economic development with its commercial mandate.
  • Through the consultation process and a continued dialogue with all stakeholders, Canada Lands strives to achieve a consensus-built master plan, incorporating innovation and sound business practices, as well as local community needs.

07Some specific examples of the community consultation tools used by Canada Lands include:

  • meetings with community organisations
  • open house events
  • and the creation of local advisory committees in order to gather input as development plans are prepared.

Public engagement is encouraged during the consultation process.

Through the consultation process, a vision for the site is usually defined. Canada Lands then creates a master development plan for the property based on this vision, incorporating sustainable growth initiatives while considering the needs and aspirations of the community and municipality. This plan is then formally submitted to the local municipality for consideration and approval, as CLC is subject to all municipal approval processes.